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» » Promote or Redesign your Business with Brochures

Promote or Redesign your Business with Brochures

31-12-2014, 12:15

Promote or Redesign your Business

When you own a business for a period of time there may come a point where you may have to rethink how your company is being portrayed through your marketing techniques. If you think that your business is hurting from a tarnished image or if you’d just like to attract a different customer base you may want to redesign your company’s image.

For example, recently, reported that airline Ryanair decided to cancel their calendar that would’ve featured bikini-clad crew members in order to promote a more family friendly image. Similarly, the chain restaurant TGI Fridays worked to rebrand their company in order to target younger customers. They went as far as changing their food preparation strategies and menu items.

While rebranding a whole business might sound like a daunting task, especially for more established companies, something as simple as a new brochure with your company’s new standpoints can be a strong first step in re-branding your business. The’s A5 brochure printing service can afford you the opportunity to re-brand and re-communicate your business through their brochure design service if you feel that it’s time for a change.

The A5 brochure offered by Print-Print is a 148 x 210mm size pamphlet that can be anywhere from eight pages to 40 pages. It provides you with enough room for important information while still giving you plenty of space for quality graphics.

Uses for theA5 Brochure

An A5 brochure can be used to advertise your business or to update clients and customers on new strategies or practices that can be a part of your rebranding. For example, if you’re a cleaning company that is looking to move from small residential contracts to larger commercial projects, you may want to release a brochure that shows your business is capable of taking on large projects like office buildings instead of featuring images of residences being cleaned.
This particular brochure offers you room enough that you can include pertinent information regarding your new business plan or image while still allowing you space for pictures and graphics that further your message. The A5 brochure can even provide you with the space to supply updated price lists or FAQs.
These brochures are multiple pages so they’re more likely to be kept whereas a single-paper flyer is more likely to get thrown into the trash. The content is more useful and can be a good reference for later on whereas flyers usually have basic information regarding a business.

Designing Your Brochure

If you want to take advantage of a printing service in order to rebrand your business the design process is simple enough. Start by choosing your printing options including page numbers, paper weight, binding options, and the finish of your brochure cover (glossy or matte). You can also choose how many copies of the brochure you want.
Once you’ve gone through your print options you can move on to the overall design of your brochure. If you already have a design and layout in mind you can use it by uploading it to a print company, normally as a PDF file. If you don’t have anything in mind you can browse the available templates and artwork through the printing services. You can also speak to a representative to help you through the process.

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