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» » Grow Your Freelance Design Agency Powered By Webydo

Grow Your Freelance Design Agency Powered By Webydo

20-03-2014, 05:44

Webydo is the leading professional online design studio that has been created to help provide designers with familiar working features to increase productivity and grow their client list. In today’s world we see the complexity as well as the appearance of websites that have been gaining importance day by day and to develop these types of complex websites a team of professional coders, designers and managers are required. This takes a lot of time and costs even more. They develop this by means of numerous coding techniques. These coding techniques are not common for all people who do not know the depth of programming. Webydo is helping to lead the design revolution for creative professionals by providing them with a code-free solution to handle all of their projects and client assignments.
Freelancing is a fast growing career path for most designers. Webydo has become very popular as it provides a platform to all for gaining knowledge as well as expresses their potential. Designers especially are showing a lot of interest in growing their business with this revolutionary design studio. Below are some of the details about Webydo which highlight how it helps in growing the freelance design businesses and agencies:

The online website design software focus is to boost the designers focus more on design of the website rather than coding. This allows making use of the already available ready-made designs, starting from a basic layout or letting your creations take over from a blank canvas is if you were in Photoshop. This helps achieve more efficient work flow as well.

Maximum efficiency

To design a website the conventional designers have to focus more on coding and technical part but Webydo users skip this technical part and focus more on beauty and creative aspect of the website design. It provides a large number of open source fonts designs, etc. through which we can directly publish and update our websites just by a click. So maximum efficiency of the freelancing designers comes out as creativity in website design


A very interesting part to Webydo is their community of over 61K professional web designers who are regularly voting and submitting new feature suggestions on the Participate page. Note; suggestions and commenting are some interactive methods to share through this forum platform. Positive and negative feedback is given to improve the designs. The major benefit after the joining a community is that the users become aware and up to date of all the designs.
Advanced design features, new updates and helping shape their work space.

There is an abundance of advanced features available to work with and help achieve pixel perfect website design. Some of the features are listed below :
  • Smart grid generator: Guides and snapping this tool basically assists the beginners of Webydo. When we place elements on the blank canvas then it keeps on telling about the details of the elements so that the learner can get easily adapted to it.
  • Text caption for pictures
  • Layers windows
  • Options to design high quality forms
  • Other options like fill, shadow and stroke
  • Drag and drop - this feature of Webydo allows us to drag and drop the elements in the blank canvas anywhere, and it automatically sets the position of the element according to the website design.
  • Bill your client – sending branded invoices directly to clients for services rendered
  • Build your brand – add your brand logo right into the CMS to give it a customized professional appearance.

Server and Security
It has a great advantage of having its own cloud hosting server. This helps the designers to avoid from getting into the details of settings of web hosting and DNS. We do not have to worry about the domain names and security. The security here is the cloud hosted and is monitored now and then.

Cross platform code
It provides such a platform in which the HTML code for the website design is automatically generated according to the latest industry trends. It ensures that the built website is displayed well on all the browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla and internet explorer and is adaptable to all devices also, for instance I phones, laptops, android and i-pad. Being compatible to all browsers and devices, it attracts thousands of visitors online.


Designers have a great opportunity here to display the name of their company and logo in an innovative way. It lets us achieve the rebranding of our company so that we can create awareness of our company among people through our website. We can add the logo of the company to the clients’ login screen and dashboard. So when the clients or website visitors’ login they come to see the logo which further, helps in branding and gaining popularity.
Looking forward to all the above mentioned points, we can surely feel that Webydo is the potential software for website design. It has all the professional designing features embedded into it that are needed by a designer for website design to start from the beginning and so nowadays it has become a very popular software.

Today’s post is proudly presented by Webydo’s professional community of designers.

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