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» » Free Flash Dark Grey Simple Template

Free Flash Dark Grey Simple Template

14-11-2010, 10:27


Free Flash Dark Grey Simple Template, Dark Grey Flash Template, Top Header Menu, Fixed Width, 1 Column, Web2.0 Interface, Rounded Corners, Suitable Template For Business Company Websites, To modify you will need Flash 5 or higher, Adobe Photoshop or other graphics editing software, Dreamweaver or Frontpage. Source files: .HTML, .FLA
To modify the header .FLA, you WILL need Macromedia Flash.
To change the text,
1. Open up the FLA and click on the LINKS layer.
2. Double-click on the text you wish to change. This will open up the symbol.
3. Click on the LETTERS of the text. Beneath them is an invisible 'mask' to expand the clickable area.
4. Change the text and the size of the invisible area if needed.
5. Click on the background of the entire FLA until you are out of all symbols (you can also click the blue back arrow).
6. Resize the highlight if needed. You will need to unlock the layer; just click on the lock icon to do so.
To change the links,
1. Open up the FLA and open up the ACTIONS panel (it should be at the bottom by default).
2. On the left side of the action panel, you should see a list of objects. Click on the desired link to change.
3. Look for code like the following:
on (release) {

4. Change index.html to the desired link. Remember, this is relative. If you desire an absolute path, preface it with http:// and NOT just, for example, ''. You would use ''.
5. Repeat as necessary.

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