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» » Free White Black Drupal Theme Template

Free White Black Drupal Theme Template

31-03-2013, 16:11

Free White Black Drupal Theme Template

A grunge and simple free drupal 7 white black theme template dedicated and suitable for business websites or any other purpose. One of the minimalistic drupal themes templates designed for the ones who prefer the simplicity designed layouts. Black white drupal theme come with fixed width and sidebar-less, tabs for primary links, large typography and plenty of whitespace, CSS based (table less design), XHTML 1.0 Strict - validated with W3C, CSS level 2.1 - validated with W3C, black and white colors scheme, content blocks and footer columns, ready modules, the CSS file contains the majority of the CSS that influences the layout and color scheme.
Make use of the body classes, you can get very granular with your CSS using it, If you stack the boxes, it probably a good idea to make the content all the same height you should probably have content in all boxes or none. You can overwrite the default favion using a Photoshop ico plugin or a favicon generator. There is two ways to add a footer: You can add a block to the footer section on /admin/build/block or add one on /admin/settings/site-information. To prevent the "river of news" effect do not promote more than one post at a time to front, the theme has been tested on the following browsers: Firefox, IE8-IE6 Safari, Google Chrome, Opera...
This work is made under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE but you have to keep the footer links intact to support the template's authors!

Template Author: Ishmael-sanchez

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