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» » Anantasoft Gazelle Free Blog CMS Php Script

Anantasoft Gazelle Free Blog CMS Php Script

23-08-2012, 09:33


Anantasoft's Gazelle Free Blog CMS PHP Script is a fast Content Management System Script, free and requires no learning - you can just dive in with the content and make the next big siteapparantly found it's way to a magazine: the January 2009 edition of LinuxFormat. Or rather: it's editors found their way to Gazelle CMS. With This CMS You will Get Different menu groups for different places on your website, Ability to set different permissions per menu, Arrange the order of the menus, Decide how much articles to show for each menu, Create your articles with a text-editor (no HTML knowledge needed!), Allow users to comment on certain articles, Articles can also be PHP-code, Arrange the order of thearticles, Easy installation and removal of templates, Create different usergroups to set permissions, Registration procedure with email activation (to avoid spam-accounts), MD5-encrypted passwords, Users can change/delete their own account settings, User detail page, Easy installation and removal of modules, Select where on the website to position a module, Arrange the order of the modules, Modules can have specific parameters, Simple modules can be coded on-site, Readable URLs, Valid XHTML, CSS, RSS, No tables, but DIVs, Fill in your own meta-tags, Dynamic title per page, XML-sitemap.

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