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» » Free php-fusion Bleu Gray Blog Web2.0 Theme

Free php-fusion Bleu Gray Blog Web2.0 Theme

14-11-2010, 10:28


Free php-fusion Bleu Gray Blog Web2.0 Theme Template, Theme by JQ, High Quality Theme Design, Come With 3 Columns places the side-columns to the right, and the centre column to the left, Rounded Corners, Fresh Gray Blue Colors and Web2.0 Interface, Compatible with php-fusion 7.x.x and Suitable For php-fusion Blog Website or Community Website, This theme is tested in the most commonly used web-browsers (on Windows and Linux). Please report any layout-trouble you might experience, and state what web-browser and O/S you used.
Comments and Ratings is "spiced up" with some title-images. This is a new feature in jQ Blog. If this feature causes you trouble, please report this also.
If you enable the built inn "latest comments panel" (See "Configuration") - note that this panel only supports default comment types.
(I.e. News, Articles, Photos and Custom pages).
Comments in infusions like The Kroax etc. will not have a link. For this you'll need to modify /jQ_Blog/includes/comments_panel_include.php

'Free Author : Yafs.net
'Free Free php-fusion V7 Theme
'Free 3 Columns
'Free Fixed Width, XHTML 1.0 Transitional




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